We manage home and business networks.

From home to business networks, we can cater to networks small and large. We are experts in setting up efficient networks to increase experience and productivity. If your network is running slow, please call us for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.

We currently service a wide variety of business clients ranging from accountants to dental offices.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Installation & Upgrade
  • Computer and Server Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Software Installation & Upgrade
  • Migration Planning
  • System Monitoring
  • System Updates
  • Backup Management

Some of the equipment we service:

  • Servers (Physical and Virtual)
    • Dell, HP, Lenovo, SuperMicro, and more.
  • Firewalls, Routers, and other Security Appliances
    • Fortinet, Cisco, Netgear, Dlink, Watchguard, and others.
  • Managed and Unmanaged Switches
    • Dlink, Netgear, Cisco, Linksys, Trendnet, TP-Link, and more.
  • NAS Appliances
    • Synology, FreeNAS, TrueNAS, Buffalo, Seagate, and others.
  • Wireless Access Points
    • Ubiquiti, Cisco, Meraki, and several more.